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Welcome to Avant Garde Art Rentals and Home Staging.

We specialize in renting a diverse collection of original artworks by leading Canadian artist Lori McPhee. Whether you need art or furnishings to sell a home, for your film or television production or to beautify your office, there is no better, more cost effective way in which to enrich your space than with a beautiful piece of art. No longer is original art only for the few!

Samples of Our Work

Avant Garde Art Rentals teams up with Artstarts

ArtStarts in Schools is a not-for-profit organization that promotes art and creativity among British Columbia’s young people. Since 1996, ArtStarts has supported educators, artists, parents and students by offering a broad range of programs, services and resources to promote arts and creativity among British Columbia's young people. Each year, ArtStarts provides over 640,000 unique arts experiences for young people in urban, rural and remote communities across British Columbia.
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JB Home Staging

"I have worked with Avant Garde Art Rentals for close to 2 years now. During that time we have designed and work on more than; 50 homes all of which have SOLD. My clients absolutely love the uniqueness and fresh look the art work brings to their home. Often the client or new owner ends up purchasing a painting or more or they commission Lori McPhee (the artist) to create pieces of art for their new home. I believe that having and showcasing talented work in my Vacant or Occupied staged homes has been a winning combination to our success together. Avant Garde Art Rentals is an integral part of my team."

Avant Garde Art Rentals - JB Home Staging
Jean Burns
Owner JB Home Staging

Laura Davis Interior Designs

"As a busy interior designer, I am often in need of that perfect piece of art that either inspires the look or gives a customized wow factor the room. Avant Garde Art Rentals has been my go to place for over 8 years. I know that when I need that statement piece, Avant Garde delivers on time, on budget and over exceeds my expectations. I can't tell you the number of times that I am jealous of the art they deliver to my clients."

Avant Garde Art Rentals - Laura Davis
Laura Davis
Laura Davis Interior Designs

Rejuva Medispa and Laser

“When we opened Rejuva medi-spa in 2009, we were looking for artwork that complimented the environment with soothing colors and theme. Avant Garde’s artwork was the perfect fit for our medi-spa. It provided warmth yet vibrant feel to our spa. We have various abstract pieces throughout the medi-spa. Each piece is unique and a masterpiece!”

Avant Garde Art Rentals - Rejuva
Rejuva Medispa and Laser


Lori McPhee

Avant Garde Art Rentals

Avant Garde Art Rentals