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Welcome to Avant Garde Art Rentals

Avant Garde Art Rentals

We specialize in renting a diverse collection of original artworks by leading Canadian artist Lori McPhee. Whether you need art to sell a home, for your film or television production or to beautify your office, there is no better, more cost effective way in which to enrich your space than with a beautiful piece of art. No longer is original art only for the few!

Art makes an incredible impression. Quality original paintings have the ability to inspire and enhance the work/home environment. Art can add greatly to your corporate image and speak volumes about you and your company. Now you can have access to our superb art collection without tying up valuable capital.

Avant Garde has a portfolio of more than 1,000 original paintings available for rent or purchase – from landscapes, florals, contemporary, textured and abstract works. They work closely with home stagers, realtors, builders, film and television executives and corporate clients.

Why rent art?

There are three main advantages to renting art for staging a home or office. First, art brings energy and soul to a home/office. For home owners, It is a way to showcase your space in the best possible light so it appeals to a larger pool of potential home buyers. You will be surprised what a carefully selected and incredible collection can do to the ambience of a home. No matter how nice the house, condo or office is there is no such thing as an empty room that looks spectacular.

The second is that distinctive art helps a prospective buyer remember places, especially when potential buyers might be viewing multiple properties. Eye-catching artwork could make buyers recall your home as "the place with the great piece of art on the wall." Finally, our extensive collection of art work means that we can offer pieces appropriate to any size and style of house or condominium. If a home needs a splash of bold colour or needs a touch of modern elegance, a traditional look or a dash of rustic, we have it. If whimsy is required, we can provide that as well.

The added benefit is that Avant Garde Art Rentals offers an opportunity for people to live with an artwork before committing to the final purchase.

At Avant Garde we help you create an undeniable first impression.

How it Works

After your interior designer/decorator meets with you, the space will be assessed so that they can figure out what style and colour of art work will work best in the space.

A member of Avant Garde will then visit your house or office. Then, they go through their extensive portfolio to find the best works for your space, or if need be, Lori McPhee will create a new piece of art work.

Avant Garde collaborates closely with clients on the art sizes, style and overall attractiveness so that it blends well with their existing furnishings.